The focus is on you.

We know from experience that players achieve their maximum success through unrestricted focus on their talent. For that you need a trustful partner who is in all areas of life on your side.

We have the experience and the knowledge to accompany you on your way.

Together, we are YOUnited.

A strong partner in all areas of life:


With the suitable steps at the right time, maximum success is guaranteed. With the conception of a career plan, we help you to exploit your maximum potential.


With our professional brand management, an ideal marketing and a big network of potential marketing partners, YOUnited is a first-class partner in the marketing area and you get an optimal presentation.


The career stands and falls with your health. With our network of medical specialists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists, nutrition consultants and Personal Coaches, you are perfectly supported.


Due to our finance partners, you are well-positioned based on long-term plans. We provide the perfect solutions for your insurance.


We offer optimal possibilities for the development of your personality with personality coaching, potential assessments and media coaching.

We develop a long-term and trustworthy cooperation.

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